Our Policies


Operating under the Safety Connect Banner, Power Concepts recognise its responsibility for the safety and welfare of its employees and are committed to zero safety incidents. We ensure our employees are enabled to perform all duties in a manner that ensures their own health and safety as well as that of others.


At Power Concepts we are dedicated to providing high quality goods and services which will protect and improve the environment in which our works are carried out. We will work closely with our clients in order to make a positive, sustainable contribution to the environment.


Power Concepts are unwavering in our pursuit of products and services that fully meet the requirements of our customers and ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction at all times. We work continually with our clients to strive for improvements in quality.


Power Concepts are an equal opportunity employer and treat all workers on their merits without regard to race, age, sex, marital status or any other factor not applicable to the position. We value our workers on how well they perform their duties and their dedication to company standards of service.

For more information on any of our policies, please feel free to contact our offices on (08) 8932 8559.

Meet Our Manager

Born and bred in the Northern Territory, local man Mathew Timms has over 8 years’ experience delivering service of the highest standard in the maintenance, compliance and construction industry. With extensive knowledge of his clients, his trade and the backdrop against which both are set, Mathew has led Power Concepts in works across the Northern Territory.
Mathew is a pioneer in hands-on job experience sourcing apprentices locally and continually in his efforts to expand upon the growing pool of community talents and trades.

Having worked for Nightcliff Electrical and Power and Water corporation, Mathew has now established himself as a solution to Territory electrical needs. With a client base as assorted as his skill, Mathew has worked in conjunction with Remote Policing, Australia Post, Halikos, Puma Energy and Night Frank.
Passionately dedicated to helping the community he has also sponsored the Palmerston Cricket Club, completed works for Victims of Crime and sponsors three blue light discos a year for Durack Primary School.

Above offering his skill and expertise, Mathew offers his voice as the Northern Territory representative for the Master Electricians Association of Australia.

Mathew and his team at Power Concepts share the goal of bettering the Territory through their foundation of strength in integrity, reliability and value.